President Perry?
Rick Perry for President
Do you support Rick Perry the Texas Governor for President? Rick Perry has joined the race for the Republican nomination. Clearly he will be a front runner along with Governor Romney of Massecussettes. Others that are in contention for the Presidential nomination are Bachmann, Ron Paul, Pawlenty and Herman Cain among other long shot candidates. Because Rick Perry is a Governor of a large state of Texas he will have the ability to raise the money needed and will be considered a strong and very serious candidate with a great chance to be elected President. 

Do you support Governor Rick Perry for President?
Yes, he is a strong conservative.
Yes, he has a good record as Governor.
No, I prefer another Republican.
No, I still support Obama no matter what.

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Conservatives are likely to support Rick Perry as he will be viewed as the most conservative between Perry and Romney. If leading conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity back Perry he will be odds on favorite to win the nomination.

When the election for President in 2012 is between Perry and Obama, Perry's chances to win have increased as well as any other possible Republican nominee due to the slow economy and high gas prices. Unemployment is at high levels and voters are not satisfied with the economy and the direction of the country. Governor Perry is at least at a fifty percent chance to win and his odds may grow as people get to know Perry as a candidate.

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Rick Perry Announces Candidacy for President in 2012